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Photo ID Systems

"Photo id visual identification is essential for a busy workplace and can be easily achieved with the use of photo ID systems. Not only can they provide immediate identification, but can also be used for visitors and combined with smart cards, for controlled access control to the building."
Combined with an access control system, photo ID cards can be used for quick and vital identification of staff and visitors. Each card can also be integrated into an access control system to provide controlled access to the building. For more information about Photo ID systems, simply speak with our team here at IFS for free advice and a competitive quote.

Instant, clear identification

The benefits of implementing a Photo ID system:
  • All staff and visitors wear ID cards for clear identification
  • One central database of all personnel with stored ID image
  • Visual verification alert with the access control system
  • Clearly identify different contractors with unique ID cards
  • Combine photo ID cards with proximity cards or smart cards
  • Full colour digital images printed direct to card