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HD CCTV Cameras

"With the latest high definition megapixel cameras on the market, you can now take your CCTV system to the next level of viewing and recording footage. HD cameras provide crisp, clear imagery in a variety of lighting conditions."
By investing in HD CCTV, you will get the highest quality return from your investment, providing crisp, clear detail not yet seen with convential analogue cameras. HD cameras excel with facial recognition and provide details which have never been seen before, including exceptional clarity to identify numberplates and facial features.  


CCTV cameras

Main benefits and advantages of installing HD High Definition Cameras:
  • Close-up high resolution zoom on recorded playback and live view, wide camera viewing area
  • Full frame rate at 25 frames per second viewed and recorded with camera
  • High quality resolution imagery, number plate recognition and facial identity recognition
  • CCTV monitors entry and exit for loading bays etc
  • Widescreen megapixel resolutions, wide field of view, larger area of coverage
  • Progressive scanning viewing fast moving objects clearly