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Automatic Turnstiles

"Turnstiles are the classic ubiquitous method of protecting controlled areas. Automatic Systems turnstiles incorporate excellent engineering, materials and along with unique safety and security features."
Intelligent design provides for illuminated directional icons and allows for the incorporation of virtually any access control device within the cabinet. The highest quality stainless steels and protective finishes mean that Automatic Systems' turnstiles operate effectively outdoors in the case of an emergency or power failure.

Intelligent Design

The benefits of implementing automatic turnstiles:
  • Turnstiles will control the movement of people in your reception area
  • Control the flow of staff and visitors
  • Security turnstiles will easily control the flow of traffic on your site
  • A physical deterrent barrier to prevent unauthorised access
  • Turnstiles can easily integrate with your PC based access control system
  • Reduces manned guarding requirement to monitor all visitors and staff