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IFS Case Studies

IFS have installed a number of high profile security installations in commercial & educational establishments, with a variety of system designs involving CCTV systems, access control systems door entry systems, intruder alarm systems, photo id systems and CCTV monitoring systems across Hertfordshire, Home counties and London areas.
The purpose of all the security systems has been to provide a safe working environment and reduce crime, theft etc  and prevent vandalism on all sites, crime has been reduced by preventing unauthorized access to the sites, with CCTV systems provide 24/7 surveillance protection.

By installling CCTV and access control systems you will prevent vandalsim on your site, no more bullying,
prevent personal assult, offensive weapons, stop theft
stop drugs, prevent arson, stop truancy,
prevent accidents, stop unauthorised access
stop malicious claims
Enclosed is a selection of system images from various IFS installation sites.

IFS  has close working relationships with a number of well known security suppliers , we will only  use reliable trusted well known brands that can provide us with trouble free  reliable systems and equipment.